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What Is Legal Opinion

An opinion from lawyers issued in letter form expressing legal conclusions about and/or legal analysis of a transaction or matter which is relied on by the addressee of the opinion

What is the purpose of a legal opinion

The purpose of a legal opinion in a transaction is to provide an additional layer of assurance to the party receiving the opinion. In loan transactions in the United States, it is customary for the borrower’s counsel to provide an opinion to the lender (but not vice versa).

Why Legal Opinion Is Important For property

The legal opinion is meant to favor the buyer’s interest. These legal opinions can tell the buyer if the buyer is a worthy one or not. A good lawyer can provide the buyer with the best details of the paperwork.

What Is Legal Advice

Legal advice is the giving of a professional or formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law in relation to a particular factual situation

Why do we need legal advice

Having legal advice means making sure that you’re going to get the best deal possible and that you will have the support you need to ensure that you are not railroaded by a party trying to take advantage. Facing a tough legal issue can be overwhelming and, quite frankly, exhausting.

What will happen if I do not register my property

According to the Registration Act, 1908, any transaction having the sales proceeds of Rs 100 has to be registered. So, practically registration is a must wherever there is a sale and purchase of property or transfer of property. When you register your property, you will be able to establish your lawful ownership on the property.

If you do not register your property, you will not be able to further sell the property. You will also not be able to mortgage your property or raise any loan against the property. In case your property gets acquired by the government, you won’t be entitled to compensation if the property has not been registered.

Is there a time limit for registering a property

The documents needed for registration must be presented within four months from the date of execution. Failure to register the purchase agreement of a property will attract a penalty. If a document that needs to be registered, remains unregistered, then it will not be acceptable by the court of law.

Is legal Aid confidential

We keep all our clients’ information confidential. our lawyers may help more than one party in the same case. … have access to information about the other client. share information with each other


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