Know More About Gram Panchayat Khata Extract & Certificate

What Is Khata Extract

Khata Certificate and Khata Extract are documents provided by the Gram Panchayat to the owner of a property to assess the property taxes indebted by the latter. These documents serve its purpose during the registration and sale of a property.

What is Khatha Certificate

The Khata Certificate is a document which identifies the ownership of a property. It is provided to a taxpayer for registering a new property, transferring any property or for availing the various amenities such as water connection, trade license, building license, etc.

The Certificate can be obtained by submitting a letter of requisition to the Assistant officer, supported with the details and receipts of the latest tax payment. The certificate is normally issued in a week’s time.

Khata Types

E Khatha

Revenue Khatha

Considered as a legal property

Considered as an illegal or semi-legal property

Falls under BBMP jurisdiction

Falls under local jurisdiction

Transfer of ownership is possible

Not possible

Loans can be availed

Cannot avail loans

Building plan approval, building license, trade license can be obtained

Cannot obtain the same

Permission for construction

Cannot proceed with construction

Water and electricity connections can be applied for

Cannot apply for the same

Resale of property is possible

Improvements to property/resale is not permitted

Contents Of Khata

  • Property owner’s name

  • Size of the property/measurement of the property

  • Location of the property

  • Built-up area of the property

  • Whether the property is vacant or occupied

  • Purpose of utilization of the property

  • The annual value of the property


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Documents Required For Gram Panchayat Khata Extract & Certificate

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