Know More About Land Conversion

What is land conversion

Land is allotted under a certain category by the government on authorized land. depending on its location and your preference, one may lodge a request along with property documents to the local body for applying for conversion. for example agricultural to residential or a residential to commercial or office space needs to be approved by DC/Development authority and thereafter the requisite fee calculated needs to be deposited in local treasury office.

What is land conversion certificate called

A conversion certificate is a document that is issued after the agricultural land is converted into non-agricultural land. Agricultural land cannot be used for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes without taking the permission from the concerned authority.


How do you cancel a land conversion

Since buyer has applied for conversion and no registration has been taken place , hence you can move an application before the office of competent authority to cancel the same , on the ground of inability to pay the tax. This cannot be done.

Land Conversion Procedure

The land conversion takes place by applying to the commissioner of the land revenue department. The application should be inclusive of a statement which conveys the purpose of conversion.  Moreover, the application should consist of details about the extent of land, names of the present and former owners, type of soil and crops nurtured in the land, mortgages, and the likes of it. The applicant can access these details from the revenue office or from the District Commissioner.


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