Building Plan Approval Will Be Sanctioned For Only A KHATA ,E KHATHA , BDA , BMRDA , BIAPPA , BMICAPA , Plots Only

Know More About BBMP Building Plan Approval

What is BBMP Building plan sanction in Bangalore

As per the law house plan needs to be approved by the respective authority before implementing the building construction. Also you need to know that each and every planning authority has their own set of rules and it will be difficult for all house owners to keep track those rules and terms for getting their house plan approval.

What is House plan approval in Bangalore

In the city of Bangalore, the new house plan approval provided by BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike). The BBMP has the authority power of under the jurisdiction to provide approval letters to the builders to construct the building according to the approved plan. If any building constructed without getting proper approval from the BBMP in the Bangalore city, then the authority has the power to demolish the building or levy a lump sum amount as penalty for constructing authorities.

What is the Process and Documents required for Sanctioning the Plan

Process :-

  •  Filing application through online

  •  License fee towards scrutiny/processing charges should be paid online

  •  Submitting copies of property records and drawings online

  •  Verification of Documents and Drawing

  •  Inspection of the Site by Engineer

  •  An issue of Demand Note to the party for payment of Requisite Fee

Receipt of Requisite Fee

  •  Download of Receipt / Acknowledgement

  •  An issue of Building Plan approval within 30 days

What is the Time duration for getting a plan sanction done

The time duration required for getting plan approval done is around 30 to 45days from the date of submission of application.

How many floors can I get a Plan sanction/Plan approval in Bangalore for 20x30 30x40 40x60 site/plot?

The no of floors one can get a plan sanction or plan approval for a 30×40/1200 sq ft site is G+3 Floors with a FAR of 1.75 Note: 3rd floor approval is given only when ground floor is shown as parking. | 40×60/2400 sq ft site on can get G+4 Floors approval with 2.25 FAR. Note: 4th Floor approval depends on zone on which the property comes.

How much does it cost for Getting a Plan sanction or approval done?

The cost for getting plan sanction in Bangalore varies from Rs 20,000 to Rs 80,000 it depends on various factors such as site dimensions, residential /commercial approvals, built-up area, Authority under which the property needs to be approved like BBMP, BDA, BMRDA, Gram panchayat etc

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Documents Required For BBMP Building Plan Approval

*Title Deed

*Mother Deed

*Latest Tax Paid Receipt

*Present Khata

*E.C (Min. 5 Years)

*Deed Holder Aadhar Card

*Deed Holder Pan Card

*Latest Khata Extract / Certificate

**If Any Required On Enquiry