Know More About Land Podi

What is Podi ?

Podi Extracts is a document of bifurcation of land with old and new survey number, among the joint owners. It indicates the bifurcation made on a survey number into sub-survey numbers.
For Ex:- you have land and want to partition it to your two sons equally. What you need to do is Divide the land into two parcels. The out come would be two “phodi” land parcels.
Once divided, it’s given a temporary podi number and then hissas.Imagine survey number 1 divided into two equal parts, will undergo a podi involving survey, dimensions, boundaries. It will be called Survey 1/P1 and P2 ( Majority for Grant Lands It will come with Pending Numbers ), After Being Verified by The Concerned Survey And Revenue Department it will be Permanently changed to 1/1 and 1/2.

What is Tatkal Podi

As land holders require 11e sketch of the land during land sale, land conversion and other dealings, services will be offered to get the sketch done along with other documnets, and also to get the RTC done after correcting all defects upon tallying the land extent in the sketch and the RTC.

What is P Stands in RTC aftr Podi

It is Mostly for grant lands, they come with a P number (pending number).The process is quite Lengthy, The file goes through Village Secretary to Tahsildar to Assistant Commissioner to Deputy Commissioner. Sometimes it can take 6 months to 5 years as well.In Some Cases For Ex :- In 1/1 Survey Number ( Already Podi have Happened in 1/1) Again If it comes for Podi Means It will be Allotted Like 1/1 and 1/P1.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Podi

ADVANTAGE is That the Podi of a land is intended to guarantee the Owner’s right for the land. It should establish the real extension of the area under Owner’s possession, assuring the protection of the demarcated limits and keeping invaders away.
DISADVANTAGE leads to the Encroachment of the Private lands By the Adjacent Owners Or it Also Leads to Encroachments of the Government lands Such as Stream, Kharab or Rajakaluves as We are Witnessing Now.

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